Ryan Kibler




Ryan Kibler commissioned me to shoot, edit and color grade 3 (originally supposed to be 2) separate videos for a national campaign for a well known fashion brand, featuring 3 well known social media bloggers. The shoot was supposed to take place over the course of two days, we agreed to a rate of $2500 (low rate to begin with) which included a buyout of rights to the material as they didn’t know how/if the footage would be used in future campaigns or in what media. I agreed to the fee, noting that additional edit days would be billed at an hourly/day rate for post production should additional changes be required. Ryan agreed to the terms in addition to paying 50% advanced booking fee to initiate the job.

The end of our first shoot day on 1/13 he payed $1250.

On our second day of shooting, the camera that was used on set stopped working and I was kind enough to lend mine in place so that Ryan could continue to shoot the talent which would not have been able to make it the following day for pickups. Not a big deal but still a kind gesture that one would think would be remembered…

Fast forward to post production- two days which were spent with him art directing making suggestions and refining the color grade, he talks about bidding on clothes +$1000 online, and ends our edit session early to cook dinner and have a date over… I go home and finish the edits… three days later a rush is requested on additional changes and new titles and animations are created. I tell him that I will need to bill an additional day of editing at $350, he agrees.

Outstanding balance is now $1600.

Fast forward to net 30, no answer.

emails, texts and calls are ignored.

2 weeks later I ask if we can set up a payment plan if he is unable to pay the full amount at the time. He sends $800 talking about family issues and apologizes about the delay, saying that he will be able to pay the remaining $800 owed on the final invoice before the 1st of the following month.

This day comes and goes with no response to calls, texts or emails. Nearly a month and some days later he responds at 4 am after I threaten the evening before to take my issue up with the brand directly as the copyright is only transferred upon full payment which is stipulated in the contract.

He brings up a serious family circumstance as the excuse for no response/payments- saying he has “checks coming in the next few weeks”.

The following day I get a text from another member of the crew who asks if I ever got payed from the job…

Turns out he has neglected to pay at least 2 other crew members from this shoot.

I follow up directly with the brand and ask them if they ever made payment to Ryan- they respond saying they payed him out in full AT THE END OF JANUARY.

To date 5/20/17 he still has not paid the remaining $800 on my invoice and has not returned any calls, emails or texts.