James Murray from Supreme management




james convinces me to shoot a last minute lookbook without pre-negotiating rates, promising me tons of paid gigs down the line. I shoot an entire lookbook where the models & hair/MUA were paid. Meanwhile, he has me working on another “paid project” doing extreme photoshopping for a magazine. By the time I deliver the unedited images from the lookbook shoot, he requests 50+ be edited. I asked kindly for an edit fee since the whole team was paid save for me, the photographer. He said he’d negotiate for me. He never did. Simultaneously, I deliver his paid project photoshop job, which he remarks aren’t complete and that he’s tried to contact me several times about it (he didn’t; he hit me up with more “work”). I never hear from him again, but the photoshopped images are published as is. He owes me $500 for the photoshopping. Not to mention the lookbook. His entire email doesn’t make any sense as I had never made up these excuses…