Raleigh and drake – patrick sarkissian / gilad goren




Client failed outright to pay for commissioned video edits. Terms were explicitly negotiated and confirmed with CEO Patrick Sarkissian. When final work was delivered and repeated requests for payment were made, Raleigh and Drake (RAD) CEO Patrick Sarkissian replied with sociopathic flair á la this emoji-punctuated response: “I’m not in a position to pay it. Sorry. We’re a startup. :(”
Repeated requests for payment went outright answered, for going on 90 days.
Raleigh and Drake is a untrustworthy company utterly devoid of ethics and prone to outright fraud. Other companies operated by RAD’s co-partners: One Armenia, Travel+Social Good, Only Six Degrees, SCION. I’d imagine all should be uniformly avoided by freelancers and creatives.