Christopher Kublan


Oct 27-2017


So back in October, I was asked to Color and help Composite 2 music videos for a major recording artist. I kept chasing behind Christopher Kublan for payment. He gave me a different excuse every single time. He ghosted me for months.

After being very polite and waiting, I will have to file a claim through the Freelance isn’t Free Act soon. there’s even another person who posted on here about him and contacted the label, and it appears they did paid him, which he alluded that the managers from said label where being shady.

He directed Friends and Romans and I guess a Beyonce Yonce Video? I mean I’m sure if she knew what was up, he’d be up shits creek, not to mention the amount of badmouthing every producer woman he’s worked with, including the talents of company 3 and the immediate teams he’s worked with.

Ah well I hope my gripe is heard and if not, I hope his future clients will run across this as they research Christopher Kublan history.