The sailor’s son




Fresh out of uni I did some branding for a guy opening a roastery / café in Christchurch. The first invoice was fine but they went quiet after I sent the second invoice. Seeing as I had no contract written I was banking on them not being a shit person but years went by with no word. Out of the blue he contacted me apologising and saying he’ll get it paid, this happened twice and still no payment went through. There was a multitude of excuses including “I transferred the money to my step brother he was meant to send it to you”.

Considering that he contacted me I assumed he still had intentions of paying but since then I have tried to contact him several times and this time he’s gone completely silent.

He’s even opened a second café making a logo out of an icon originally created as a stamp for the coffee bags.

It mostly sucks ’cause I really thought this guy was genuine sorry about leaving me hanging but I guess you live and learn.