Adrian Mesko


August 2018


I was his digital tech for a studio job back in the summer. The job alone sucked. He made us stay outside and get sunburnt on a silver top roof with hardly any breaks for a job we were never told would be outdoors. I was in jeans. I burnt the back of my neck so badly it peeled. But the payment process is what rocked me the worst.

I haven’t been paid for over four months. Upon contacting the agency and Adrian, I was told they don’t paid digital techs. Yet they asked for my invoice and never told me that. After three months I asked about payment. Adrian and the agency replied they were “chasing payment now” from the client. So I emailed the client and they very politely told me they have already paid the agency and photographer and would send over proof of the cashed check. I sent this email to the agency and photographer and they sent me two different answers back. The agency claimed that was a lie, despite the cashed check proof. And Adrian claimed he “forgot” he was paid. Then he said he would settle my payment that week. He never sent any replies to my texts. And then I found out he blocked my number. So I messaged him on Instagram where he was posting happily. He blocked me there too. Then I sent them a small claims case threat and told them I was also be reporting them to the IRS and Labor Board. He claims to have sent my check but I still don’t have it. NEVER WORK FOR HIM. He hasn’t paid other assistants as well.